KNGDM Group Accelerator powered by SoTech Ventures

What Sets Us Apart...

  • Supporting Tech Startups As Well As Brick & Mortar Small Businesses

    When it comes to economic empowerment, small businesses cannot be left out of the equation. Our curriculums and resources are designed with all businesses in mind.

  • Bringing Access to Non-Dilutive Capital

    We leverage our expertise in the arena of public-private partnerships to help participant businesses re-structure their business models to access philanthropic capital from the public sector.

  • A Pathway To Ownership & Influence

    For too long, community members have been restricted to the role of passive observers as capital is deployed all around them. SoTech Academy offers a membership program to individuals interested in leveraging our investment infrastructure to build portfolios of their own.

Academy Philosophy & Objectives

1. To catalyze regional economic development in KNGDM Group target markets by providing high growth ventures, lifestyle businesses and small corporates with access to philanthropic growth capital via public-private partnerships.

Here is the hard truth that entrepreneurs have had to accept... Out of the approximately 600,000 new businesses that get started each year, only .05% of them will secure VC funding. The statistic only jumps up to about .9% if angel investors and other sources of early-stage capital are included. The entrepreneurs and small business owners that KNGDM Group and SoTech Ventures seek to work with have less than a 1% chance of securing the growth capital they need to take their businesses to the next level. The KNGDM Group Accelerator Program powered by SoTech Ventures is built on an operating model that liberates us from dependence upon LPs (limited partners) and allows us to build and support the 99% of ventures that most investors ignore. We only have one catch; those ventures must have the potential to create a significant social and/or environmental impact in addition to being financially viable.

2. To offer a turn-key investment solution to companies that will allow them to expand existing lines of business or establish new lines of business via mergers and/or acquisitions.

In addition to the virtual coursework, the KNGDM Group Accelerator Program powered by SoTech Ventures also offers consultations as well as a membership program designed specifically for aspiring investors and business executives. Whether the aspiration is to build a personal portfolio of early-stage investments, invest in new technology companies that can add value to a core business or spinout subsidiary lines of business for expansion, we offer education on how to access philanthropic capital while leveraging our existing investment company infrastructure. This unique program combines elements of investment banking, corporate development and private equity into applications that support small business growth and local economic development.

Referral Network

Accelerator participants gain access to SoTech Ventures' vast rolodex of capital & program partners.

  • A $200M infrastructure investment firm

  • A rewards-based crowdfunding platform

  • An elite accelerator & $500M venture capital fund

  • A revenue-based VC firm

Call to action

Under-served entrepreneurs and small business owners have had to navigate a world where a prospective $1M, $5M or even $20M dollar business is considered a uninvestable by today's mainstream investment community. This broken mindset and broken model combined with an inability to see untapped value represents their greatest short-coming. What remains particularly unseen is that men and women of color here in the U.S. represent one of the most unique emerging markets in the world due to the fact that they are an emerging market within a developed market. While the U.S. as a whole and most businesses therein enjoy the benefits of a first-class, developed market which includes strong physical & digital infrastructure, mature capital markets, high income and more, ventures that are owned and operated by entrepreneurs of color lag behind in growth, scalability and valuation because many of them face barriers to accessing developed market benefits. Furthermore, in instances where they are offered access to opportunity, those resources are often designed based on a business culture that lacks diversity, inclusion or consideration for people from varied backgrounds. We intend to be major factor in solving this problem.